Health & Safety Procedures

Be kind and smile!

Everybody has been through a lot the past few years. It’s time for you to enjoy yourself! Our drivers and staff members will be doing their best to take care of you. Step on board, smile, and enjoy the ride!

Wearing a mask is your choice

Wearing a face mask on our vehicles is not a requirement. We respect everyone onboard regardless of whether they wear a mask or not.

Use hand sanitizer

All trolleys provide hand sanitizer onboard. Our sales kiosks also have hand sanitizer available.

Practice safe physical distancing at kiosks

Please limit the number of people in your party standing in line. Designate one person to buy tickets and interact with staff. Be respectful and provide buffer space for other customers in-line.

How to buy tickets

Purchase tickets for CityView Trolley Tours at our in-person kiosks or online. Cash sales are allowed. Ticket prices do not include driver gratuities.

No food and drink on the Trolleys

We do not allow outside food and drink onboard our Trolleys.

CityView Trolley Tours Vehicle Cleaning Protocols

We clean our vehicles frequently using CDC-recommended methods. Vehicles are disinfected and sanitized using an EPA-approved solution that kills COVID-19 directly on contact. Trolleys are sanitized at regular and frequent times throughout the day.
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A bus parked on the side of the road, waiting for passengers.

While the COVID-19 precautionary mandates are no longer in effect, we know that some customers are still interested in our mitigation procedures for all types of illnesses. If you fall into that category, we hope this page serves as reassurance that we take all our passengers’ health very seriously.

CityView Trolley Tours prides itself in caring for our customers. Whenever possible, we have increased our dedication to practices and procedures that keep our riders safe and healthy. However, please remember that whenever groups of people congregate in the same place, the risk for COVID-19 and other illnesses goes up.

We sincerely appreciate your business. By riding with CityView Trolley Tours, you assume all risks if you are inadvertently exposed to COVID-19 or any other communicable illness.

Welcome aboard, and thank you for riding our silver trolleys!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cityview Trolley prides itself in caring for their customers. We have increased our safety and health practices and procedures to care for customers and employees.

CityView Trolley Tours prides itself in putting our customers first. We have improved our safety and health processes to care for both customers and employees.

Our employee protocols include requirements that staff members stay home if they feel ill or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. In these cases, employees are not permitted to work with customers, be onboard vehicles, or enter any physical facilities owned or used by CityView Trolley Tours.

Wearing a mask while onboard our vehicles is encouraged, but not required. 

Our Trolleys are sanitized frequently throughout the day with an EPA-approved disinfectant on all frequently touched surfaces. We ensure that all vehicles are cleaned on a daily basis and have introduced stricter measures in all disinfecting and sanitizing procedures.

Groups and charters are available, but are subject to New York state’s mandates regarding physical distancing requirements.

Please Note: We appreciate your business and by riding with CityView Trolley, you assume all of the risks associated with or as a result of exposure to COVID-19 or any other communicable illness voluntarily. 

We welcome you aboard and thank you for riding the silver trolleys!